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PROEXCA is pleased to invite you to the “European Cluster Meeting”, an event organised in collaboration with ACIISI, ITC, EEN and the European Commission, that will take place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, 2021. The aim of this virtual event is to promote the internationalization of European clusters, facilitate the exchange of experiences, as well as to foster and encourage participation of clusters in European programs. 

During the morning session of 26 April 2021, a workshop on collaboration platforms for clusters will be organized, followed by several discussion rooms where European clusters will have the opportunity to discuss themes of interest, share experiences and identify partners for potential collaboration within the framework of European programmes. 

In the afternoon session, European clusters may organise B2B meetings through a virtual platform that will be available until April 28th. In this link, you can register the cluster on the platform and complete its profile through the information booths, where you can upload any information of interest about your cluster, activity, projects, etc. 

This information will be available to the rest of the participating clusters and will serve as an introduction and showcase of the cluster activities, so that it can facilitate meetings with other clusters / stakeholders. 

The sectors involved in this event are: blue growth; energy; sustainable tourism; transport and logistics; ICT and digitalization; and the audiovisual sector.

In this regard, we would like to have your cluster at this event, which seeks to promote the internationalization and collaboration of European clusters in order to support innovation and increase competitiveness, with a view to a better recovery after the crisis caused by Covid19.

For further information, please see the program in this link. 

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