European Alliance Against Coronavirus: An ecosystem approach to meeting current challenges

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 06 April 2021

In a meeting on 11 February, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus discussed how clusters can contribute to an ecosystem approach to analysis of industry.

Key take-aways

The group exchanged views on how clusters can link different ecosystems and support the networking of actors. Clusters have direct links to regional actors and can build bridges between policymakers and companies. The concept of ecosystems looks at interdependencies and complementarities – future Euroclusters will foster this approach and create new synergies across sectors.

It became clear during the discussion that collaboration needs to be structured and organised, both within and across ecosystems. The way in which ecosystems are governed and the indicators for evaluation of successful cooperation must also be considered.

A good example of the clusters’ work is the ‘Report on disruptions in the European value chains and industrial ecosystems, solutions and setting up of EU rapid alert function, which was written by the European Clusters Alliance and REI – Reindustria Innovazione, based on the contributions of different entities in the morning sessions.

The morning sessions are open to everyone.

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Watch the recording of the session here:

eca webinar 11 feb
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