European Alliance Against Coronavirus discuss the Swedish Cluster Landscape

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 18 August 2021

On 3 June, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus travelled virtually to Sweden to understand the development of clusters and their main activities in the country.

Daniel Kronmann from the Skane region presented the region’s cluster programme for 2021-2027.

It has a more integrated approach to cluster and smart specialisation policy and seeks to stimulate innovation through open innovation internationalisation, and mutual learning. They do not want to look only at individual cluster policies, but into ecosystems, and understand clusters as one of the main intermediaries. In the long term, the region plans to strengthen the governance for cluster organisations in smart specialisation strategies.

Daniel Hallberg from the Swedish Agency for Economic Development and Growth stressed the role that regions in Sweden play in the strategy for cluster development. While the country does not have a national programme, there are 40-50 regional cluster initiatives with national connections that take part in different programmes of national relevance.

Ola Svedin presented the newly founded national association Clusters of Sweden, which will facilitate cluster development processes in a more organisational manner and will support the formation of new clusters. Clusters of Sweden will act as a natural bridge between policy makers, businesses, academia, and industry, and will focus on building relationships and networks.

The morning sessions are open to everyone.

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Swedish cluster landscape
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