The Euromed Clusters Forward Face-to-Face Academy will take place on October 16, 17, and 18, 2023 in Lebanon. Organized by Berytech, this three-day training program aims to support clusters in developing strategies to enhance their value chain and identify potential areas for innovation and technological integration.

About the Academy

Berytech launches the Euromed Clusters Forward Face-to-Face Academy, an intensive three-day training program offering expert support to five clusters to build capacity, develop growth strategies and learn from over 15 cluster managers and board members. The program will focus on understanding the ICT value chain, mapping opportunities and integrating research and innovation in the ICT and creative industries sectors to support cluster development in the Sud-Med region. The program will take place in Lebanon on October 16, 17 and 18, 2023 and will be taught in English. By participating in this academy, over 15 cluster managers and board members representing 5 clusters in the South-Med region (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco) will be better equipped with the knowledge and tools to understand and map their value chains, identify opportunities and develop strategies to attract new members, improve sector efficiency, diversify their service offering and increase the competitiveness of their members.

Program objectives

The program is carefully designed to : Enable clusters to understand and analyze regional value chains in the ICT, knowledge economy and creative industries sectors. Give clusters the means to build their value chain strategy. Expand the cluster’s network to strengthen its value chain and position in the industry. Share knowledge across the cluster’s value chain to improve innovation, collaboration and overall cluster performance.

Participation will enable clusters to : Understand and map their value chains: fundamental components, players and their importance in cluster development. Identify opportunities and develop strategies and partnerships for cluster value chain development, in line with overall regional economic growth objectives, and improve service quality and efficiency. Develop a marketing strategy to attract new members and potential partners – national, regional and international. Access practical tools for value chain optimization and integration.

Registration deadline: September 13, 2023

Eligibility and Criteria

Candidate clusters must come from these seven southern Mediterranean countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Clusters must operate in the ICT, Knowledge Economy or Creative Industries sectors, including furniture and wood, fashion and design, arts and crafts, R&D, jewelry, marble, advertising and digital content, interior design and housing. Clusters must be registered on the ECCP Platform.

Clusters must have well-defined challenges to which they are working to respond. The selection process will be based on the above criteria, as well as on : The participation of 3 people per cluster. A balance between the 7 eligible countries. A balance between eligible sectors. The cluster’s motivation and expectations.

More information

This academy is implemented by ANIMA Investment Network and its partners in the framework of the Euromed Clusters Forward project.

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