Organisations that work on sustainability and digitalisation are more resilient, less susceptible to crises and outperform their competitors. Will you be a front runner?

B-Resilient has the aim to build the biomass resilience of food producing and processing SMEs through green and digitalised value chains. Join this sessions for clusters manager and staff to learn the subject and discover the funding opportunities offer by the project. 

Our Experts:

Katia Benabdesslam: Katia is an all-rounder when it comes to her work. She combines an international view of the world with Dutch down-to-earthness. Katia has experience in various sectors such as: off-shore, sustainable energy, sustainable construction projects, food & beverage and tech startups.

Roel Remkes: Roel makes connections that are not immediately obvious. In this way he also connects IT and sustainability. He has been active in sustainability since 1998. He has worked as a delivery manager since 2004 and has worked for international IT consultancy companies and as a change manager in the manufacturing industry. With the Sustainable Transformers, he wants organizations to take the next step in digitalization with the help of sustainability in order to have a positive impact on climate change, biodiversity and pollution.

Location and date

Virtual Event

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