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Launched by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, the EU-Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk provides a new platform towards mobilizing industrial clusters, regions and prefectures interested in reinforcing existing or building new cooperation in terms of industry, trade, investment, innovation, tourism, and people mobility.

In addition to bilateral cooperation with European and Japanese clusters, they may also open up to joint operation with clusters in third countries such as Africa, South East Asia, EU neighbourhood countries and Latin America.

Conference and matchmaking

The EU-Japan Regional Cooperation Annual Conference and Matchmaking conference will be held across 2 days from 17-18 May.


Day 1 is the annual conference and starts on Monday 17 May at 9am CET. The theme is “Future of EU-Japan Regional Cooperation”. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English and Japanese.

Day 2 is the matchmaking event on Tuesday 18 May at 9am CET which will give you the opportunity to meet potential new partners during pre-arranged 20 minutes meetings and create real business development opportunities.

The 5 key sectors are:

  • Biotechnology & Healthcare    
  • Environmental technology and circular economy
  • Agrifood
  • Digital, Photonics and manufacturing
  • Sustainable tourism   

Why participate?

  • As a cluster – discover new suitable Japanese or European clusters and find a new partner
  • As European Region or Japanese Prefecture and Major Cities - find new Japanese or European partners and learn more about regional cooperation

Participants are invited to register and provide a profile describing either an offer or a request. All profiles will be evaluated and published on the website of the EU-Japan Regional Cooperation Conference & Matchmaking.

Target audience

The target audience is interested European regions and Japanese city governments, industrial clusters, and regional development organisations.

The full draft agenda is attached below.

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