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EPEE - Clean and Energy Efficient Enterprise in Haute-Normandie

All sectors
best practices, financial support, Networking, Training
Target group:
SME Large company
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The Clean and Energy Efficient Enterprise (EPEE) 2020 programme is a support initiative of the Association Energies in Haute-Normandie. With the support of the state, the region and the Ademe, it helps local companies in their energy efficiency projects.

The programme is composed of an energy diagnostic and three complementary actions. The energy diagnostic is divided in three steps: energy auditing, action plan, and implementation. It is conducted by experts validated by Ademe. Financial aid may cover up to 70 % of the diagnostic's cost. Once energy efficiency actions are realised, the company can obtain EPEE 2020 certification.

The complementary actions include training activities, a club where companies can participate in thematic training days, visits to discover new techniques and equipment, and information on funding. A competition for participating SMEs is also organised each year to reward achievements.