Environmental Management Systems - Sustainability Standards across Clusters

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 11 August 2021

On 13 May, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus talked about environmental management systems and how environmental standards can be a value concept for corporate social responsibility and the green transition.

Adrian Braun, Arctic Values​, introduced two wide-spread European environmental management systems that improve resource efficiency and help with cost reductions.

These certificates work in a cycle and the companies and organisations can improve their performance over the years. They audit emissions to air, releases to land, releases to water, release of raw materials, energy and natural resources, energy emitted, and waste emitted. 

Daniel Worm from axcorn GmbH explained the different fields of environmental management and how the digital transition can have a positive influence on them. Digital trends can be applied to environmental controlling, environmental compliance, environmental risks, supply chains, production, and internal collaboration. Especially for quality control, digital trends are becoming an integral part of environmental management fields.  

The morning sessions are open to everyone.

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Watch the full recording from the session here:

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