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The Environmental Fund supports environmental policies in pursuit of sustainable development goals, national and international commitments, and in particular those related to climate change, water resources, waste, nature conservation, biodiversity and transition to the circular economy.

In 2017, the fund opened a € 1 million call for the circular economy, supporting 20 feasibility plans. A call focused on the implementation of new ideas is expected in 2018.

The fund finances entities, activities or projects that fulfill the following objectives:

  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and cooperation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Participation in and use of the carbon market to meet international goals
  • Efficient use of water, protection of water resources, and sustainability of water services
  • Prevention and redress of environmental damage
  • Compliance with national and community goals and targets for urban waste management
  • Transition to a circular economy
  • Protection and conservation of nature and biodiversity
  • Environmental awareness and training
  • Environmental research and development

The fund may establish mechanisms for liaising with other public and private entities, in particular with national, European or international funds related to the development of environmental policies in pursuit of the sustainable development goals.