EDIFICAT - 21-08-21


On September 23, a virtual day dedicated to the digitization of energy in the construction sector will be organized with the aim of generating joint reflection, synergies and networking among the members of the Catalan Energy Cluster and the Digital Cluster in Catalonia, the Derbi Competitiveness Cluster and the Digital 113 in Occitania.

This event aims to bring together companies from both sides of the Pyrenees and will have two different components, on the one hand, a round table on the topic "Present and future of the digitalization of energy in the construction sector" and a business pitch session, and the other meetings on a B2B platform with participants from Catalonia and Occitania and is part of the Built Project of the European Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG POCTEFA, co-financed by the ERDF fund.

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