Eco-friendly hostel in Estonia

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General Sustainability Energy Waste Water
Accommodation and food service activities
Investment cost:
Low cost
Low cost
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

 Circular economy, the Green Key to being more eco-friendly

  • Small hostel finds simple and cost-effective eco-friendly measures make all the difference in the circular economy
  • Measures covering everything from energy, mobility, waste, training, and more

For Looming, an eco-friendly hostel located in Tartu, Estonia, the environment is an integral part of its identity. Management has implemented a property-wide policy which seeks to minimise the impact of all operations on the environment through its commitment to reusing and recycling resources, training and awareness-raising, offering eco-friendly services, and renovating facilities in an effort to reduce its ecological footprint. 

As a small operation, keeping costs down is essential. So the hostel employs simple, customer-friendly organisational measures, rooted in circular economy principles, which have earned it a Green Key ecolabel.

Key results

Some of the measures implemented include:

  • Regular training of employees in environmental responsibilities
  • Eco-friendly mobility: hostel bike rental, walking tours
  • Furniture and equipment comes from natural materials or based on nature-friendly products and recycling principles
  • Saving resources: signs around the hostel gently remind guests to save water and electricity
  • Better waste handling: waste is minimised and biological waste is turned into vermicomposting by worms, and waste separation is promoted
  • Green cleaning: eco-labelled products, such as soda and vinegar, are used

Looming's management is keen to explore innovative ways to promote eco-friendly practices on the site. Ideas such as selling second-hand items like clothes in case guests need a jacket or simply forgot to pack something. 

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