ECCP facilitates collaboration through Online Fora

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 01 July 2021

Collaboration through the ECCP has created more opportunities for clusters to connect and share information.

The Knowledge Sharing section on the website has enhanced knowledge sharing through a specific forum area. The online fora, Forum of Cluster Collaboration and Networks (FCAN) and Forum of European Cluster Partnership (FECP), were launched to create a more engaged group of clusters who have similar purposes.

Within the ECCP, both fora include different discussion groups that thematically focus on respective topics.

For FECP, the available topics are:

  • General updates, which mostly provides news, related calls and events
  • Funding of clusters that accommodate information on calls and funding
  • Knowledge on international market/internationalisation

For FCAN, the topics that are currently active are:

  • General updates
  • Funding of clusters and association networks
  • Digitalisation
  • Green economy funding, events, calls, and other opportunities

The main functions of these fora are not only for sharing information, but also engaging an active online discussion between the members of the group and boosting dialogue and mutual learning among the clusters.

The ECCP team is also supporting and sharing news on related topics on a regular basis.

Previous Events

As well as online discussion groups, FECP and FCAN have successfully conducted several webinars since 2020. Each topic was specifically chosen and presented by an expert and experienced speakers.

You can read the list of past webinars attached at the bottom of this page.

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