Digitisation of the manufacturing sector

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 09 June 2021

On 13 April, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus discussed advances in digitisation of the manufacturing sector.

Loïc Marin and Arnaud Bocquillon from CIMES introduced their ‘pôle de compétivité’.

This form of organisation is a specific brand in France and it differs from other types of clusters. The number one mission is to create excellence and collaborative projects. CIMES is dedicated to mechanical engineering, manufacturing and production performance, and follows a cross-sectorial approach.

Most of their members are involved in the integration of technologies in processes and services. Integrator companies are key stakeholders that understand manufacturing companies’ needs and point digital technologies that are valuable to develop helpful solutions. The key point is to implement technologies that are relevant for the respective companies. The main transition for companies is more a matter of efficiency than a matter of digital transition.

Chantal David and Philippe David from Science Computer Consultants presented their approach to replace trial and error with numerical simulation for the uptake of technologies.

Using simulation saves companies’ budgets, makes academic analysis useful for the industry, and optimises industrial processes. They developed a “Think and test on cloud” marketplace of scientific computing solutions so that companies can test software on a pay-by-use subscription. For SMEs and midcaps, such solutions are helpful to accelerate the R&D process and make their service flexible and adjustable.

The morning session are open to everyone.

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