Digitisation of the Construction Ecosystem

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 13 August 2021

On 25 May, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus discussed current challenges of the construction ecosystem, especially with regards to the uptake of digital technologies, cluster services, and internationalisation activities.  

Rodica Lupu from Cluster TEC Technology enabled Construction gave an overview of the predictions for the development of the construction sector in Europe. By 2030, employment in the sector will increase by 4.3% percent, making human resources one of the main challenges. Drivers for the upskilling needs of the personnel are digitisation and the European Green Deal.

Digitisation is one of the top priorities for the sector, as the construction ecosystems is one of the least digitised sectors in Europe. The cluster TEC is therefore working towards a cultural shift towards innovation, rethinking business models, upskilling, and fostering entrepreneurship.

Kuno Peek, Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, shared the overall progress and speed of digitisation of the contruction sector in Estonia. Clustering activities and networking on international level have also been increasing and are promising signs for the development of the ecosystem. In Estonia, construction companies receive support from the public institutions in digitisation projects related to 3D twin modelling, spatial planning, database platforms, and management systems.

Vladimir Gumilar from SGG Construction Cluster of Slovenia talked about the cluster’s activities to make construction more circular. They initiated the creation of the International Circular Construction Cluster (ICCC) and are currently in the incubation phase in setting up a circular economy ecosystem. The aim is to support the transition to circular construction by means of promotion, development and market uptake of circular solutions, building new competences, and international cooperation.

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