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About us

DigitalLead's ambition is to establish and develop a national Danish cluster organisation for digital technologies which is founded in strong industrial networks and world-leading research.

We want to be a platform for digital companies and researchers who wish to contribute to digitally based innovation and growth. A platform where companies, organization and researchers can get new digital knowledge and inspiration, and which facilitates collaboration across industry, research and sectors.

Our work is demand-driven, and we work proactively to establish close partnerships with relevant actors in our national and international eco-system with a special focus on digitalization and digital technologies and their effect on the green transition and sustainability.

We want to communicate knowledge that facilitates digital and green transition through network meetings, topical network groups, facilitating extensive, long-term collaboration projects between industry and research in national and international consortia in order to strengthen the productivity and competitive capacity of digital companies.

Established - 01 July 1997
Staff in the management team - 11-20

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Gigantium Smart City Living Lab

Gigantium is an event and sports centre consisting of multiple arenas (two halls, two ice rinks, a swimming pool and an athletics hall), an administration area with offices and meeting rooms, and a conference area; all of them interconnected by a public foyer. Gigantium is used for both daily sports activities and major sports or entertain- ment events with thousands of people attending. In a centre such as this, there a huge potential for optimisation of service, maintenance, clean- ing, energy consumption etc. - and thus also for a much better experience for the visitors.

In 2017-2018, DigitalLead (then BrainsBusiness) headed a collaboration project that has led to the establishment of a Smart City Living Lab in Gigantium. In the project, a number of local companies have collaborated with researchers from Aalborg University and representatives from Aalborg Municipality on creating a living lab in which an IoT network gathers data from Gigantium and transmits it through a gateway to research- ers and companies who work to utilize these data for optimisation.

Specific problems that the partners expect to solve are:

  • optimised energy consumption by targeted heating/air conditioning depending on number of users and activities in the building

  • optimised indoor climate for minimised wear on the buildings and improved climate for users and employees

  • optimised cleaning schedules – focus on areas in use and heavily used

  • optimised noise management at events with huge crowds

  •  optimised service schedules for employees through improved overview of which parts of the building (including which doors) have been used/unlocked.

The project process was initiated in late 2016 with ideas for various IoT projects being generated at › Aalborg University’s Department of Electronic Systems. In early 2017, DigitalLead hosted an innovation workshop, at which Aalborg Municipality’s building department had the chance to propose a number of ideas for projects where IoT and Smart City technologies might be used for solving challenges or improving/optimizing processes. A number of these ideas were selected for further development, resulting in a series of meetings with the potential project partners in the spring of 2017. Giganitum was chosen as the setting for the living lab, and the project partners started developing the technologies to use (sensor boxes with 10 sensors each), the wireless system (based on the LoRa technology) and the data gathering and analysis setup at both AAU and some of the companies involved.

DigitalLead has been the driving force in the project, bringing together the project partners, facilitating meetings and work processes, organizing the opening event and ensuring media attention on the project.

Impact on participants and industry

The Gigantium Smart City Living Lab functions as a best practice example on several levels.

1. As a successful triple-helix collaboration where all involved partners gain knowledge, business opportunities and optimization of processes.

2. As an example of smart city being more than just a buzzword. In Gigantium, companies, citizens and public officials can see the technologies used in practice and see what they can be used for and how they can benefit society, companies and citizens.

3. The project may lead to new business opportunities for the companies involved as the technologies are either newly developed or providing data to test the companies’ software and products in new contexts.

4. The project may lead to a higher level of public understanding of what the technologies can contribute with, on an individual or societal level. As a result of the Giganitum Smart City Living Lab, the technologies are currently being implemented in a series of schools and daycare institutions in the Municipality of Aalborg and can also be used in public buildings, industrial buildings and private homes, which may lead to new business opportunities or demand for the Smart City technologies at both B2B and B2C level.

5. The researchers at Aalborg University gain a living lab in which to test their theories and technologies in practice, as well as gaining re- al-life data on the use of the building in question. The knowledge generated, for instance on the use and performance of the LoRa net, may benefit future collaboration projects.

Contribution to cluster development

By facilitating a successful project like the Gigantium Smart City Living Lab, DigitalLead underlines its status as a professional, well-functioning cluster organization. In addition, the project has gained media coverage, further strengthening the cluster's brand. This can lead to the recruitment of new members as well as strengthening DigitalLead’s (already strong) status as an attractive collaboration partner for national as well as international partners.

In addition, as DigitalLead is continually adding higher-level services to our member offers (co-creation), the completion of a successful project can lead to increased interest from our members in participating in similar projects in the future, as well as interest from municipalities and regions as project proposers.

The project further underlines DigitalLead’s status as a bridge builder between research and industry, providing researchers from Aalborg University with a test bed for trying out their technologies in practice and providing data for further studies for researchers and student projects.

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