Digitalization in health sector_28.05.2024


Dear health and digital enthusiasts,

Cluj IT cluster invites you to the Digitalization in Health sector workshop, an activity organized as part of the DESIRE Eurocluster Project.

šŸ”ŽThe main objective of this workshop isĀ to offer relevant information and connect stakeholders interested in finding out more about their digital opportunities / digital journey options.Ā 

Through this interactive session,Ā participants will learn to develop robustĀ business plans specifically designed for the dynamic healthcare industryĀ Ā Moreover, the workshop will shed light on the significance of comprehensive market research in the context of digitalizing medical services.šŸ”

Lecturer: Mr. Alexandru Mos, CEO, Clever HouseĀ Engineering with over 15 years business experience.Ā 

šŸ“ŒThe workshop will take place online, on 28th of May, from 11:00 EEST to 13:00 EEST.Ā 

For any questions please contact us at: [email protected].

Location and date

Virtual Event