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The CxC Modtissimo and digitalization in textile will include activities during Modtissimo trade show, on 13 & 14.09.2023, and the demonstration of 3 practical examples of digitalization applied in the textile and clothing sector, on 15.09.2023. This demonstrations will include a real time demo of a textile micro-factory that can produce a final germent, from a specific order, including the printing, cutting and sewing processes, the application of an innovative exoskeleton made of textile materials, which through sensorization, data analysis and a compressed air system, supports the worker in the most tiring and repetitive sewing tasks, and the visit to a company with smartex system implemented, a fully automated inspection system to circular knitting machines, using high resolution cameras with machine learning power.

The exchange will provide financial support as 390 euros (lump sum; travel expenses) for 3 days between 13.09.2023 to 15.09.2023.

For more information, please contact:
Project Coordinator Maria José Carvalho - CITEVE [email protected]
Sidika Arikan - DTTC [email protected]
Josep Casamada- AEi TÈXTILS [email protected]
Julia Vercher - ATEVAL [email protected]
Enrico Venturini - NTT [email protected]
Eva Dvořáková - CLUTEX [email protected]

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