Critical Raw Materials Act

Submitted by ECCP Team on 20 March 2023

Join our upcoming EU Clusters Talk Online and Clusters Meet Regions Event in Finland to discuss the European Commission’s Newly Unveiled Actions for Raw Materials and a Circular Economy

The European Commission has announced a new set of actions aimed at boosting the development of raw materials and promoting a circular economy in the European Union. The comprehensive plan outlines a framework that seeks to bolster the supply of critical raw materials, reduce import dependency, and encourage the transition towards a circular economy in the European Union. The proposed actions address key challenges such as sustainable sourcing, recycling, and developing innovative, eco-friendly technologies.

In the upcoming EU Clusters Talk on Raw Materials and Circular Economy on 5 April 2023, stakeholders will have the chance to discuss these new actions. Organized by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), the event will bring together clusters, businesses, and policymakers to share insights & best practices, explore collaboration opportunities, and learn about funding possibilities.

Another major event to attend is  the Clusters Meet Regions in Kittilä, Finland on 25-27 April 2023. This event aims to foster collaboration between EU cluster organizations and regional development agencies, focusing on implementing the new actions and learning best practices from Finland and the Nordic-Baltic region. Participants will engage in thematic workshops and networking activities to further develop strategies for a more sustainable and competitive European economy. These will involve keynote speeches, a site visit to the Kittilä gold mine, and a debate about synergising policymaking to support responsible raw-material use.

The European Commission's new actions demonstrate a strong commitment to transitioning towards a circular economy, where resources are used more efficiently, and waste is minimized. By investing in innovative technologies and fostering collaboration between various stakeholders, the EU hopes to secure a sustainable supply of raw materials while reducing its environmental impact and promoting economic growth.

As the European Union moves forward with the implementation of these new actions, stakeholders from all sectors are encouraged to participate in the upcoming events and contribute to the development of a more sustainable, competitive, and resilient European economy.

Registration for EU Clusters Talk on Raw Material and Circular Economy – 5 April 2023

Registration for the Clusters Meet Regions and Matchmaking event in Kittilä, Finland - 25-27 April 2023

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