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Approaches to treat disease are becoming increasingly complex and creative, with the biotech industry recently demonstrating its key role in the development of new drug modalities and technologies. To keep up with this relentless pace, companies rely more and more on external innovation and benefit greatly if they manage to also leverage innovation from within their organisation.

But how can companies ‘organise’ creativity and innovation? Is there a science behind developing new ideas? How to provide freedom to be creative, while supporting urgency and purpose at the same time?

We will dig into this topic with innovation experts and innovation makers in the field of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology.


10:00 Welcome and Introduction, Annalisa Zuccotti & Friedemann Loos - BioRN

  • “The knowledge innovation matrix: In search of research and impact opportunities”, by Lykke Margot Ricard - Associate professor in Innovation at University of Southern Denmark
  • “From uncertainty to innovation: A matter of mindset and process“, by Kirstin Kohler, Professor for user experience design and design innovation at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim &
  • " BioMed X Institute – Seeding biomedical innovations", by Thomas Rückle, Head of Reserach at Biomed X Institute in Heidelberg

             Q&A Session

11:00 Active break, sponsored by "Die Techniker - TK" 11:20 CELIS Challenges:

12:00 Speed-Networking

13:00 Wrap-up

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