Consultation on the Forum of European Cluster Partnerships - third survey open now

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 22 June 2021

The Forum of European Cluster Partnerships (FECP) initiates, drives, and facilitates discussion among various clusters and the European Commission, with a focus on consultation, cluster development and cooperation, exchange of practices, and mutual learning.

As of 5 May 2021, the ECCP includes 1,258 registered clusters. To ensure knowledge exchange, the online working group within the Cluster Collaboration platform has been activated.

The working groups of the FECP consists of three initial groups:

  • general updates;
  • funding;
  • internationalisation.

Each working group provides a straightforward platform for FECP members to post and share any opportunities, ideas, or ask questions directly. Every week, the ECCP team also provides several news items and updates according to the related topic of each group, which can easily be followed and re-shared.

In order to enhance the expectations and understand the interests of FECP members, the ECCP team has launched the third consultation in the form of a survey. This aims to assess the needs and interests of clusters and how useful the forum is in promoting exchange and cooperation among the European Cluster Partnerships (ECPs), as well as between clusters and the European Commission.

The results will show the support needed from the ECCP in order to address the needs and challenges required to meet set objectives in the following period.

This consultation is essential to meeting the needs of the members of FECP. It is key that all members participate in this consultation. The output will be an important evaluation for the ECCP working group, with hope that it achieves its purpose of knowledge transfer in relation to cluster collaboration.


Members of the FECP forum are expected to fill in this survey by 5 July. The ECCP will openly share and discuss the outcomes of the consultation.

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