Intellectual Property is serious and internationalizing to Latin America is no game, but the session organized by ConnectEO and Latin America IP SME Helpdesk is going to be.

Join us in this serious game in which we will accompany a European SME on their journey through Latin America, with Intellectual Property as a vehicle to reach their goal: operate safely without infringing the Rights of others, avoid bankruptcy and close the deal that will allow them to conquer the local market in a stable way.

In this choose-your-own-adventure style session, our IP expert will guide the company’s representative in making the best decision and will illustrate the audience about the keys and reasons that motivate the success or failure of our contestant and that can be useful for the future.

For better benefit, participants will have in advance access to a series of recommended materials that allow them to measure the difference between theory and practice; and at the end of the session the questions that have been generated will be answered.

If you want to volunteer to participate actively and do the decisions in this game, please send an email to: [email protected]

Location and date

Virtual Event