On Wednesday the 29th of September, 2021, at 11 AM CET, the ClusterXchange Support Office of ECCP, DG GROW and EISMEA will host a webinar for the European Cluster Partnerships │ Excellence (Partnerships). A unique occasion for the Partnerships to share experiences on the ClusterXchange mobility scheme.

ClusterXchange is a pilot mobility scheme supporting short-term exchanges between cluster actors from different industrial ecosystems. The ClusterXchange scheme is implemented by the Partnerships with assistance from the ECCP.

The webinar will kick off with words of introduction and a presentation of the agenda, followed by key opening notes delivered by DG GROW and EISMEA and a brief update of ClusterXchange on past and upcoming exchanges.

The first session will host a panel discussion entitled “Experiences from completed physical exchanges”, which discusses experiences in planning and executing physical exchanges from selected Partnerships. The second session will be dedicated to tips for physical exchanges and next steps for CXC. This includes using the IT Tool for physical exchanges and tips on how to make Partnerships’ pages and profiles on the ECCP more attractive and the overall lessons learnt from CXC.  In addition to reminding Partnerships on the rules of CXC, this session will also address the common problems encountered. Finally, it will discuss the upcoming webinars for participants and the Partnering side-event in Paris. The conclusion of the webinar will feature a feedback survey.  

Partnerships will be encouraged to give feedback on the scheme and its added value, as well as on aspects to improve in the future via Q&A sessions and an open discussion. All members of the Partnerships involved in ClusterXchange are encouraged to participate. The webinar is open only to the Partnerships and their members.

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