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The Cluster Mapping Project is a national initiative that provides over 50 million open data records on industry clusters and regional business environments in the US to promote economic growth and national competitiveness. The US Cluster Mapping Project aggregates all the US clusters, providing valuable insights on business environment, demographics and performance of the clusters. It integrates comparable data and metrics on economic performance to highlight regional strengths and opportunities and empower regions and businesses to make informed decisions. With an extensive organisation registry, the platform also aims to connect businesses with the organisations that are promoting their clusters, as well as enable users to share and discuss best practices in economic development, policy and innovation. The data is made available to local officials, who can use the information to make strategic investments, recruit new companies, and lay the groundwork for new industries. It is an initiative led by Harvard Business School's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Economic Development Administration.

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