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It is time for the yearly meet-up of clusters in Spain! The Spanish cluster federation Clusters.es will celebrate its cluster congress 2021 in Málaga, Andalusia, on 14 and 15 April. Taking all necessary safety measures for this first presential meeting after a long time at Forum Transfiere, Clusters.es will discuss with all the participants about the developments of clusters in Spain, the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, funding opportunities, supporting the digital and green transition, and building resilience. Speakers at the congress include Ulla Engelmann, Acting Director DG GROW, Eva Revilla, DG GROW, Rogelio Velasco, Ministry of Economy in Govern of Andalusia, Jordi Llinares, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Francisco Salvador, City Hall Málaga, and many representatives from clusters. Furthermore, Clusters.es will hold its General Assembly at the congress on 15 April.

The cluster congree takes place in the context of Transfiere. It is the biggest professional and multi-sectoral Forum for knowledge and technology transfer that takes place in Spain, and that gathers the most relevant players in the national and international R&D&i ecosystem. The congress helps to promote innovation between research groups and companies while contributing to the competitiveness of the business sector. Topics discussed will include - among others - internationalisation opportunities, AI, digital transformation, 4.0 industry, open research and innovation, and public procurement of innovative solutions.

Forum Transfiere: https://transfiere.fycma.com/?lang=en 

Location and date

14 April 2021 - 15 April 2021
Forum Transfiere
29006 Malaga
Cluster organisation
Cluster IDiA
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