Cluster Collaboration Lab in Lund: A Showcase of European Innovation and Project Development

Submitted by ECCP Team on 28 March 2023

Lund, Sweden, recently hosted the highly successful C2Lab event on 21-22 March, gathering 50 participants from different European Union countries to inspire innovation and collaboration. The event served as an exceptional interactive platform for innovators to exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and contribute to a thriving European innovation ecosystem by building project roadmaps.


Day One: Exploring Lund's Science Park and Sweden's Innovation Ecosystem

The first day of the event began with a tour of Lund's science park, where participants were introduced to highly innovative companies and technologies. Each C2Lab participants chose a company, including E.ON ectogrid, Ideon Science Park, Tetra Pak, or Volvo Cars. This experience provided attendees with valuable insights into Sweden’s robust innovation ecosystem and set the stage for an interactive and stimulating event.

After the company visit, the participants attended the opening ceremony of the Sweden Innovation Ecosystem Summit, the annual meeting arena that brings together the core of Sweden's national and regional profiles from innovation environments, politics, business, academia, and society. At the opening, the speakers discussed the New European Innovation Agenda, planification of the future, investments, and sustainable societies.

In the afternoon at the C2Lab, the participants started to share their ideas for future projects and learned about different options of looking for private funding. The day ended with a networking dinner.

Day Two: Project Discussions, Networking, and New Partnerships

The early bird catches the worm – the participants came together to have breakfast and watch the EU Clusters Talk on interregional collaboration. Then, during the second day of the C2Lab, the participants actively engaged in discussions about their project ideas across various fields, including construction, wood, digital technology, mobility, energy, and cluster networks. Guided by the ECCP facilitators, they talked about the synergies among their organisations, their common aims, potential actions, and project funding.

By leveraging their unique skills and expertise, attendees formed new partnerships and participated in meaningful conversations about new projects they want to develop together. The event underscored the significance of connecting and finding the right match, embodying the spirit of collaboration and shared knowledge.

Closing this C2Lab, the participants shared their project roadmaps – which are only the beginning of a new journey.

Check out more photos from Lund.

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