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Circular Economy Toolkit

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The Circular Economy Toolkit supports businesses in developing more environmentally sound decisions by identifying circular economy opportunities and providing information on how a company could start finding benefits.

The circular economy challenge is broken down in to seven key opportunities; explaining each of them and giving company examples to see how others are already generating profit out of the circular economy:

  • Design, manufacture and distribute;
  • Usage;
  • Maintain / repair;
  • Reuse / redistribute;
  • Refurbish / remanufacture;
  • Product recycling;
  • Products as a service.

In addition, the toolit provides a '5 Minute Assessment Tool' which analyses the products and services sold by a company and gives guidance on potential improvement areas; the 'Workshops' section encourages companies to get involved themselves, by downloading all the materials they need to run their own workshops and start finding opportunities for themselves.

Toolkit elements:

The author: Mr. Jamie Evans, [email protected], +44 (0)7557 374 826