CALL FOR PROVIDERS launched by the FRIEND CCI Eurocluster

DEADLINE: 01 August 2025

If you are an organization - enterprise or professional - profit or non profit offering services in the fields of digitalization and/or green transition and/or services for internationalization, this call is for you! 

Participate in the CALL FOR PROVIDERS  will give you the opportunity to work together with Creative and Cultural SMEs for the realization of funded projects. The first funded projects will start in the second half of 2023, therefore better apply before the End of this summer as services provider! The application can go directly through this digital platform after having creating your account on it here  

Your benefits in being selected as services provider of the FRIEND CCI funded projects:

✔️ You can expand your activity in the creative and cultural sectors

✔️ You can share your expertise with SMEs carrying out various activities

✔️ You can be chosen as a provider in several winning Friend CCI projects (the calls for SMEs will be published soon)

✔️  You will be identified as a contributor to the resilience of the creative and cultural industrial ecosystem in Europe !

Examples of fileds in which you can offer services (non exhaustive): 

1) #Digitalization:

#Artificial Intelligence, #Augmented reality, #Big Data, #Cloud computing/technologies, #Cybersecurity, #Digital platforms, #Internet of Things, #Monitoring systems and traceability, #Online marketing, Online collaboration, #Robotics, #Specialised (design) software, #Virtual reality

2) #Green transition:

#Carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gasses, #Circularity, #Eco-design, #Energy reduction, Green construction, #Recycling, #Resource efficiency, #Circular Social Responsibility (CSR)

3) Service for #Internationalization

#Analysis of targets and competitors, Due Diligence Process, #Foreign Promotion, #Intercultural trainings, #Market study/analysis, #Matchmaking services, #Risk and opportunities analysis, Study of legal and economic environment, #financial system

Link to the guide for applicants:

Any question? Email Address: [email protected] Phone number: +39 3276577356

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