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best practices, financial support
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All types of companies and organisations
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Business4Climate+ is an enterprise-level GHG reduction initiative that provides Cypriot businesses with the tools to identify greenhouse gas emissions from their activities. Building on the Business4Climate project, it also helps businesses draw up an action plan for GHG emissions reduction, and gives recognition to businesses that are making efforts in this direction.

The aim of Business4Climate+ is to remove barriers on business access to GHG finance, and to develop a roadmap for financing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in businesses in Cyprus, with the ultimate goal of incorporating this into the National Climate and Energy Strategy 2030.

In particular, the project actions include:

  • Identification of successful models for financing climate and energy projects across Europe;
  • Determination of the most appropriate financing models for such projects in Cyprus, both from private and public sectors;
  • Development of a roadmap for financing of greenhouse gas reduction projects for the Cyprus framework by 2030;
  • Training of stakeholders (banks, businesses, government officials) to improve relevant skills;
  • Development of an online assessment tool for projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.