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About us

Business Region Göteborg AB  (Regional Economic Agency)

Region:           Gothenburg Region (part of NUTS 23 western Sweden)    Country:          SwedenWebpage: details: Maria Strömberg, Head of Clusters & Innovation (maria.stromberg [at]

Clusters within the network/region with an origin in the agency and/or with an involvement by the agency:

    •Automotive (smart mobility and electrification) (scientific research and high tech suppliers) Cluster (energy, biotech, food, tourism, operations and technology);  •West Sweden Chemical & Materials Cluster (industry, renewable energy, materials and products, recycling and energy effciency); (Energy, Urban Development, Waste, Transport, green-ups); (embedded systems, cloud services, microwave, visualisation and gaming); Life Science Finance (treasury, trade finance) no website in English Industries (15 sub-clusters); ,

A cluster currently being developed within the development agency:  •Subsea (operations and technology) 

Mission We create sustainable growth by actively working for cluster and industry development in the Gothenburg region. We do this by identifying strengths, bringing together people from companies, academia and the public sector in valuable networks. We initiate industry partnerships that result in commercially viable innovations. As the City of Gothenburg's cluster organisation, we work on behalf of all trade and industry in the Gothenburg region by stimulating the growth of clusters. Business Region Göteborg creates the conditions for innovation by strengthening cooperation in industries with growth potential. The cooperation model can vary depending on the circumstances faced by the industry.

What we do

  • Initiate industry partnerships that result in business development and commercially viable innovations.
  • Initiating projects and synergies
  • Identifying potential industrial symbiosis
  • Providing local, regional, national and international interfaces or platforms linking companies and decision-makers, clusters, research institutions, investors
  • Bring together people from companies, academia and the public sector in valuable networks.
  • Create different activities and initiatives adapted to each industry, such as meeting places, networks and projects, based on needs identified in trade and industry.

By working across boundaries we create new kinds of collaborations that can lead to long-term innovations.

Success Story / Achievements:  The initiating of Electric Buses and Indoor Charging stations between Volvo Group and the City of Gothenburg  Creating a value chain of actors need for a change towards green chemistry and biobased materials and products  Examples of cross-clustering involving many companies and actors from various cluster 

Program on Clusters Our work is based on cluster development in accordance with the triple helix model, which in simple terms entails close collaboration between companies, academia and the public sector. Within an industry, we identify which "bridges" need to be built or strengthened in order to develop the industry and thereby create growth. In the next stage, we create flows or traffic on these bridges. This can entail traffic between companies and research or capital, but even between small and large companies, traffic to other clusters or sectors and, importantly, international traffic. We work to bridge innovation and business gaps in clusters. Innovations enable long-term growth and job creation. The region is a hot spot of innovation and is an innovation leader according to EU’s regional innovation score board.  Current relevant topics (2017) Topics that are predominant in the region and have the potential to become future clusters are Electromobility, Connected Society, industry 4.0, new materials, cross-clustering with creative industries together with more traditional industries etc.    

Services offered

Services offered

Collaboration creates innovative power. That is why we work and push for cluster and industry development in the Gothenburg region. We start collaborations and help companies that - together with others - want to take the next step and develop the innovative and sustainable solutions of the future. Both here and outside Sweden's borders.

We help you so that your business can have the opportunity to grow. In our growing region, there are challenges that can be transformed into opportunities for your company. We build bridges and pave the way for new establishments, better profitability for your company and increased growth in the region.

Sectorial and industrial focus

Cross-sectoral industries
Creative Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Alliances:Low carbon industries - Ecosystems:Creative & Cultural Industries
Technology fields
B\: Performing operations; transporting:Land vehicles for travelling otherwise than on rails - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation against climate change
S3 EU priority areas
Aeronautics & space:Bio fuels & energy efficiency - Aeronautics & space:Space - Aeronautics & space:Transport & logistics - Cultural & creative industries:Development of regional cultural & creative industries - Cultural & creative industries:Support to link cultural & creative industries with traditional industries - Digital transformation:Artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, augmented and virtual reality, visualisation, simulation, gamification & interaction technologies - Digital transformation:Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks) - Sustainable innovation:Climate change - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable production & consumption

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