In cooperation with 11K Consulting, ENRICH (in China) is organising a workshop on ‘Business Communication in China: Developing successful public relations and media strategies’, which will take place on 18–19 May at 9am CET.

In this workshop, experts will share valuable insights into how to reach and attract Chinese customers and build a positive brand reputation in the Chinese market, as well as helping participants to obtain a better understanding of the market’s ever-changing nature and connect with the right partners to open doors in the country. The workshop will be providing a 15% discount on tickets until 9 April.


Having strong company branding and a trusted image will help you to win the hearts of your customers, and ultimately drive sales. According to he Edelman Trust Barometer 2020, 69% of Chinese consumers agree that ‘trust is more important today than in the past’. Almost 9 in 10 people said that they have started using a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way it has responded to the pandemic.


This interactive workshop, led by Sally Maier-Yip, Founder and Managing Director of the UK's leading Chinese luxury PR and communications agency, 11K Consulting, is designed to help you reach and attract Chinese customers, as well as build a positive brand reputation, in the Chinese market. In addition, Sara Medina, Member of the Board of SPI, a private consulting company with a physical presence in China since 1999, together with Richard Deng, Chief Representative of SPI China, will help you to obtain a better understanding of the ever-changing Chinese market and to connect with the right partners to open doors in China.

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