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Summary and objectives

Lighting technology goes through a time of ground-breaking changes these days. The advent of LED – only the fourth lighting technology in the history of humankind – has transformed this industry and strongly impact also all connected sectors operating with lighting, like furniture and home systems in specific, and construction and building in general. New growth opportunities are emerging in the area of intelligent lighting systems in particular in relation to its applications in different types of location and building such as residential, office, shop, hospitality and industrial. Within this framework, also the smart furniture market demonstrates high growth due to substantially growing expenditure over home automation solutions and digitalisation. The lighting fixtures sector and the furniture sector contribute to a bigger market of building construction and they present always more interconnections and massive integration of lighting components in furniture and lighting systems in the IoT-enabled Building Management Systems.

In order to seize the emerging market opportunities and become competitive on the global market, the lighting, furniture and construction companies have to start a cross-sector collaboration process between their industries, and more closely connect themselves to ICT and IoT technologies. This is essential to rethink future products and services, always more connected to the Smart Home and Smart Building concepts and the clusters must be in the front line to drive growth and innovation towards their companies through tailored and focused networking.

The main objective of the BRILLIANT project is to support its project partners – cluster organisations in exploiting the full innovation and grow potential that their cluster organisations can offer to member SMEs through added-value services and efficient organisational structure and governance. To this end, the BRILLIANT specific objectives are the following:

  • to increase skills and competences of 14 clusters managers in managing their cluster organisations in order to help them to better serve the needs and expectations of their enterprises, better support their competitiveness, internationalisation efforts and innovation growth;
  • to promote cross-cluster learning and networking among project clusters and their SME members to seize new growth opportunities emerging in the area of intelligent lighting systems and take actions to explore and take up new business deals and strategic partnering;
  • to develop 7 comprehensive and focused clusters’ strategies, with related implementation roadmaps that will lead cluster managers while making important decisions with long-term implications for cluster organisation and its members, while deciding where they want to go and how they will get there; while developing an effective planning process involving different stakeholders within the cluster ecosystem and building their competitive advantage;
  • to actively contribute to the successful implementation, promotion and further deployment of the COSME ClusterXchange professional program through sound management, tailored outreach and awareness-raising campaign and execution of 55 high-quality short-term exchanges.

Results expected

The BRILLIANT project will enhance the collaboration, networking and learning of cluster organisations and their member companies through multiple educational methodologies and tools complementary and synchronised among each other, and adapted to target clusters ability and knowhow needs. The cooperation and learning process will address two main domains – capacity building towards excellence in the management of cluster organisations, and upgrade of technical know-how and cross-sector connections related to emerging technologies and innovation in the intelligent lighting sector applied in smart homes and building systems.

  • BRILLIANT will support 7 cluster organisations ( and in total 14 cluster managers and officers) on their way to strive for excellence by improving their skills in cluster management and strategic networking as well as technical knowledge on topics related to emerging technologies of intelligent lighting systems, their application within the smart home and smart building concepts and related cross-sector business collaboration opportunities.
  • BRILLIANT will support cluster managers to review their current cluster approaches and to develop a well-defined and comprehensive strategy along with cluster service portfolio addressed to SMEs.
  • BRILLIANT will enable project clusters and their companies to find partners with complementary competencies, to access value chains that cut across national, regional and sector boundaries and enhance their cooperation with technology centres and other scaling-up support organisations through new COSME ClusterXchange professional programme (55 exchanges planned).

Sectorial and industrial focus

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Manufacturing:C27 Manufacture of electrical equipment - Manufacturing:C31 Manufacture of furniture - Construction:F41 Construction of buildings
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A\: Human necessities:Furniture; domestic articles or appliances; coffee mills; spice mills; suction cleaners in general E\: Fixed constructions:Building F\: Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapons; blasting:Lighting
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KETs:Photonics Sustainable innovation:Eco-innovations Sustainable innovation:Resource efficiency Sustainable innovation:Sustainable energy & renewables Other:Other
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smart and connected lighting products and services

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