Blockchain technology is revolutionizing all strategic sectors of society and the economy, establishing itself as one of the main drivers of global innovation. The building and construction sector can benefit enormously from the application of this technology, innovating the traditional transformation processes of real estate assets to make the management of buildings more effective and generate new social and economic value. BLOCKCHAIN ​​AND THE CITY is the cycle of high-end training meetings on Blockchain technologies for the construction supply chain to support the processes of urban regeneration and enhancement of the built heritage. The meetings are developed in collaboration with CONSENSYS, a world leader in the development of Blockchain applications, and are aimed at all actors in the construction supply chain who want to update their skills on the revolutionary opportunities of Blockchain applications for the construction sector. The meetings, divided into a first section (13rd-20 th aprile) open to all to deepen the technical aspects, and a second one (5th and 12th may) for a fee, are designed as workshops open to debate on these issues and to mutual knowledge. During the various sessions the main Blockchain applications for the construction supply chain will be presented, illustrating the main competitive advantages given by the use of the Blockchain workflow in terms of real estate asset management, market value and financial and social sustainability for the territory and communities. .