Black Sea hotel heats water with energy from solar panels

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Accommodation and food service activities
Investment cost:
High cost
High cost
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Sun, sea and energy...

  • Renerwable energy measures and better human resource management led to € 3 500 in savings each year
  • Measures are all part of the hotel's integrated environmental policy

Duni Royal Resort is a high-class holiday village located on the southern Black Sea coast of Sozopol. The resort occupies a total area of 740 000 square metres around a beautiful bay and a nature reserve.

The resort has 1 230 rooms, four main restaurants, four lobby bars, four swimming pools each with a poolside bar, a beach snack bar, mini clubs for children and youth, sports facilities, spa and related services, two conference halls for 250 and 180 people, an internet centre and more.

The rooms are equipped with central air conditioning, cable TV, indoor and outdoor telephone, minibar, safe, balcony with sea or park view, bathroom with shower and bath and hairdryer.

As part of the resort's assessment process, dedicated teams were responsible for collecting data, including interviews with staff, on the consumption of basic resources and reviewing the processes - hotels, kitchens and restaurants, common areas, sports and spa centres, laundry, consumables and maintenance, as well as human resources data and working conditions.

Meetings were held to discuss processes, resource use, and social aspects at the hotel. Options discussed in the teams and with the management have been included in the resort's environmental action plan.

Key impacts

  • Supporting and developing human capital saves managers' time and helps the resort run more efficiently, saving money
  • An integrated environmental policy drives progress in the resort
  • Specific measures like installing solar panels for hot water have also saved on costs
  • Energy savings of some 40 000 kWh annually have been achieved, cutting associated costs by some € 3 500 per year

Sustainable Tourism Program, 'Duni Royal Resort',

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