Biophotonics research group
Biophotonics research group

Belgium: Flemish Region


The Biophotonics group investigates the interaction of light with biological systems to develop innovative sensors for rapid and non-destructive characterisation and monitoring of biosystems. 

We have a long tradition in working together with industry -SMEs as well as large companies- to translate our knowledge into workable solutions. Our clients come from very diverse fields, ranging from food companies over high tech sensor technology providers to large agricultural equipment manufacturers.  

The services we offer cover a large range of activities, including consultancy, complete R&D projects and access to top notch biophotonics equipment.
Our unique and broad range of high-end equipment is an crucial basis for performing successful research and development tasks.  Our main equipment categories are:

Dark Optics Room (supercontinuum laser, double integrating spheres, laser scattering
Hyperspectral imaging setups (VIS-NIR, SWIR, line scanning system, snapshot cameras) 
Active thermography (high-end cooled camera, microbolometers, pulsed and lock in system, flash excitation, halogen sources)
Spatially resolved spectroscopy (SRS probes, translation stage, large range on spectrophotometers)
Data acquisition systems (National instruments DAQ, PXI, SICK) 
Specialised data analysis software (JMP, The Unscrambler, Matlab, Python, SAS, R)
Mechanical properties measurements (Universal Testing Machine, Rheometer, Impact pendulum)
Vibration test rigs (up to 7500kg)

. The Biophotonics group provides services at several levels to industry.  Our main activities are:

Providing access to outstanding equipment
Complete bilateral R&D projects - from proof of concept studies to demonstrators
Consultancy services - providing academic expertise in biophotonics
Providing information on funding opportunities - local, national and international
Support customers to perform very reliable and efficient experiments, and help them analyzing the data
Providing in-company training on biophotonics and advanced data analysis

. Yes. service.

Agro-food - Electronics - Measurement - Healthcare - Machinery
Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 - Robotics / Human machine interaction - Monitoring and control - Intelligent/ sensor-based equipment - Laser based applications