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The establishment and development of a Greek biotechnology cluster would most likely impact society as a whole as a result of the provision of high quality health services and products both locally and internationally. Bionian Cluster constitutes a recently established health sciences cluster in Greece and SEE. The Cluster has been established within Greece. The Cluster aims to contribute substantially to regional economic development by overcoming the divide between academic research hubs and related stakeholders of the private industry. The scope of the Cluster’s activities target primarily SEE countries, while aspiring to emerge as an important stakeholder in the Middle East/ North African (MENA) region


The vision of the Bionian Cluster is to bring Greece to the forefront of biotechnology worldwide in two main themes: (a) the Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on applied clinical research, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, and(b) the Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), with a focus on the reduction of the burden of human illness and disability through a better understanding of the impact of environmental factors and exposures on disease pathogenesis and progression, as well as on general human health.

  • Membership at the National Biotechnology Committee on ETAK-ESPA Appropriation Funds, 2007-2013 (EU 7th Framework Program), of the General Secretariat in Research and Technology, Ministry of Development (2007 - 2009)
  • Mapping of the National Biomedical Innovation in Greece (up to 2009), along with the Human Capital on relevant sectors in Biotechnology and Biosciences in Greece and the Greek Diaspora
  • Organizing educational and training sessions, scientific conferences, public awareness events, publishing in highly-acclaimed scientific journals and editing two Scientific Journals in the fields of Biotechnology and Life Sciences (Βio, MedReview) from 2006 to date
  • Working in close collaboration with the Hellenic National Contact Point ("Health" and "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries & Biotechnology"), in EU-funded projects on Health and Biotechnology
  • Signing "Memoranda of Understanding" (MoU) between Hellenic and foreign Biotech firms, Clusters and Academic / Research Institutions worldwide, as with China, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, U.S.A. (National Institutes of Health, N.I.H.), Bulgaria.
  • Establishing and organizing the International Greek Biotechnology Forum (IGBF) in Greece for the last 5 years (2004-2009)
  • Collaborating with the Hellenic Biotechnology Association, for creation of a Biotechnology -- Health Cluster in Greece, by recruiting top ranked Academic and Research Institutions, as well as Technological Organizations to join forces for common objectives
  • Cooperating with the N.I.H. (U.S.A.), to ensure official rights by our Network for unlimited access to 1) NIH educational infrastructure and resources to organize and administer courses and seminars on Research Methodologies, Clinical Pharmacology and Principles in Clinical Research, based on syllabi and educational material currently in use at the N.I.H., leading to official certification, 2) extended privileged access to technology transfer and original patent applications filed at the N.I.H. Patent Office, to fuel our Translational Research machinery.

"Bionian Cluster, the First Health Sciences Cluster in Greece & South - East Europe, is a unique, well balanced concentration of leading businesses, universities, medical research institutes, academic institutions, hospitals and biosciences in Greece and other countries all over the world."

The recent establishment in Greece of the Bionian Cluster, a multinational conglomerate constituted by academic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and private industry stakeholders, seeks to overcome the vast aforementioned adversities in biotechnology and health sciences related research fields. It is by this means that the Bionian Cluster aspires to develop into an active regional and international stakeholder for the development of innovative health sciences alliances and market-driven smart specialization solutions. The present work aims to detail the key characteristics and implementation challenges faced by the Bionian Cluster, as well as how these may be effectively overcome. Aggressive networking to optimize coordination of multidisciplinary innovation efforts will prime cooperation between leading Greek research institutions, biomedical researchers of the Greek diaspora and private enterprises. It is aspired that the establishment of the Bionian Cluster will contribute to the development of a novel scientific environment and mode of conduct conducive to business-oriented innovation in SEE.

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Maria Tsampoula
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Nikitas Skliros
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The Cluster members include a balanced mix of companies, which contribute complementary skills, expertise, products and services towards realizing the cluster vision. Specifically, the cluster members contribute expertise on clinical investigation, drug development, environmental biomarkers, environment health services, environment sensors, biosensors, ICT systems and analytics for bioinformatics and clinical trials management, as well as diagnostic capabilities. The accumulation of excellence and expertise in all these areas is a clear competitive advantage for Bionian Cluster. More specifically, Bionian Academy with its educational platform takes care of the teaching and training reinforcement of innovative specialties and high specialties, using modern teaching methods, which through interactive and experiential paths, transmit knowledge, enhance skills and lead to the perfection and the long life education of the cluster’s members.

Clinical Investigation

Clinical Investigation (CI), with a focus on applied clinical research, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. The cluster empowers the execution of high quality clinical research operations spanning all phases of drug development, having also as a major priority to include in the near future  clinical investigation associated with biosimilar and generic drugs including clinical trial for drugs targeting niche and/or high-growth markets such as oncology.

Bionian Cluster has the ability to manage the procedures concerning the application for marketing authorization for generics and prototype drugs in the Central and Western Europe. Additionally, we offer practical conduct of all phases of clinical studies (the I-II-III-etc.), bioequivalence studies, environmental residues and veterinary drugs (marketing authorization is included).

Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), with a focus on the reduction of the burden of human illness and disability through a better understanding of the impact of environmental factors and exposures on  disease pathogenesis and progression, as well as on general human health.

  1. Health Sciences: Molecular Medicine, Network Medicine, Bioequivalence, Medical Genetics – Gene Therapy, Clinical Investigation – Pharmacology, Immuno-targeted Therapies, Biochemical Diagnostics (Genomics / Proteomics / Metabolomics applications), Clean Environment.
  2. Biotechnologies: Stem Cells – Transplants, Medical Devices, Small Molecule Pharma, Biosensors – Diagnostics.
  3. Information Sciences: Bio-informatics, Biomedical Signal Processing/Imaging, Micro-Array Development.

Bioeconomy / Transfer Technology office

In conjunction with the proclaimed assets of Greek biotechnology organizations (e.g., the availability of professionals of the highest caliber and the presence of a market with strong foundations), the clustering effort will establish Greece as one of the world’s  leading territories for conducting high quality applied clinical research and environmental health studies. The object of intervention of our Technology Transfer Office (Bionian TTO) is to confront and overcome accessibility problems between academic institutions and innovation and market members by providing specialized scientific and business services. These services are designed to facilitate the transfer of biotechnology processes, increasing the volume of trade and reducing the commercialization time of new products.

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