Award-winning water efficiency measures in Northern Ireland

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Sustainability Water
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Investment cost:
Medium cost
Cost savings:
€ 250-300 annual cost saving for a property with 100 m2 roof
Medium cost
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

On the farm

  • 10 000 litre rainwater tanks capture fresh water
  • Wastewater measures, UV water treatment and filtration systems in place
  • Total cost savings up up to 50 %

Broughgammon is family-owned goat farm in Northern Ireland and winner of the 2014 UK Water Efficiency Award. Measures introduced on the 50-acre property help to capture and conserve water destined for use in the farm house and for the animals. The farm has also set up a wastewater system for treating and reusing greywater on plants.

The farm has two 10 000 litre rainwater tanks to provide non-drinking water to the house, with the option of adding a treatment cycle in the future so the water can be made drinkable. A separate system has been installed for the 300-strong goat herd and for on-site processing of local seaweed. A UV treatment and filter system is also in place to supply potable water in the future, and the farm has further plans of installing a water turbine to complement the two wind turbines already in place.

Key results

In addition to the savings on water, Broughgammon's water management measures benefit the environment and local waterways. It uses a 'biokube' wastewater facility with tertiary treatment through reeds and plants taking place before clean water is discharged into water system.

For an investment of under € 2 000, the farm has transformed its approach to water capture, use and discharge, leading to total savings of up to 50 %, or around € 300 annually.

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