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Mission in brief

The fifth thematic mission of the AURORA project will take place in Wageningen, the Netherlands between Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 of October. Are you interested in the topic of Personalised Nutrition, and in discovering the rich ecosystem of Foodvalley around this topic? Then join our 3-day programme!

About Wageningen, Foodvalley and personalised nutrition

Wageningen University and Research, and the ecosystem around it (named Foodvalley) is often regarded as one of the leading environments for innovation in agrifood. One domain in which the ecosystem is active, is the subject of Personalised Nutrition in relation to health:

‘Personalised nutrition could be a service or a product. It uses individual-specific information, is founded in evidence-based science and has the goal to give consumers control and promote a positive, sustainable dietary behavioural change. This may then result in measurable benefits for personal goals like health improvement and health maintenance, or disease specific benefits.’

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For whom?

This mission is designed for professionals working in the health & nutrition field, and in particular to those interested in further developing and scaling the topic of personalised nutrition. This includes experts working on R&D, healthcare, nutritionists, researchers, scientists, dieticians, but also professionals working in related fields such as AI, sensors and digital solutions in relation to food & health.

Key activities

  • Get to know the Foodvalley ecosystem
  • Participate in the conference ‘Conference Personalised Nutrition and Health’
  • Site visits to relevant companies and organisations
  • Meet and match with companies from Foodvalley’s Personalised Nutrition Community
  • Presentations from experts in the field
  • Networking dinners and drinks


  • Participation to Conference Personalised Nutrition & Health (Oct 24th). Note: this event costs €495. For those who are unable to participate, we will try to work on an alternative program.
  • Breakfast network session and tour OnePlanet Research at Wageningen Campus
  • Radboud University with contribution from Donders Institute, theme ‘Food for a healthy brain’
  • Foodvalley NL presentations with showcases from local Personalised Nutrition startups and initiatives
  • Visit to Papendal, Olympic sports training center for a tour and presentation on the relationship between food and performance
  • Other site visits to relevant organisations

This agenda is indicative and may be subject to change.

AURORA Project

Led by Valorial with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation and three other agri-agro and tech clusters, the European AURORA project focuses on the quality, safety and authenticity of production chains in a food quality and safety context.


Thomas van der Lee (Foodvalley) – thomas.vanderlee [at]

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