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Main targets of the cluster (in terms of services provided, stakeholder involvement etc.)   The cluster constitutes a coordination tool between companies, technological agents, institutions, financiers, publics, trainers and other groups linked with the entrepreneurial system of textile innovation, in order to promote lines of cooperation.     The goals of the cluster are:

  • Encouraging and supporting the development of textile companies in Spain, by defending our members and with the purpose of developping the sector.
  • Collaborating with partner companies, by providing all types of services and advices about textile issues and, more generally, all types of issues they can benefit from.
  • Strenghtening companies, their interrelationships and mutual collaboration, which will permit them to improve their productivity and, consequently, a better creation of wealth on their surroundings.
  • Representing and defending all common interests of the partners with public and private institutions, as much at state as at community level.
  • Actively collaborating with competent authorities in formulating and implementing policies that contribute to improve companies and workers conditions.
  • Creating, encouraging and promoting mechanisms that develop textile sector.
  • Fostering collaboration and cooperation between companies and cluster agents to achieve all results that can have positive effects for them in particular and for the textile sector in general.
  • Promoting the participation and the collaboration of SMEs in all the previous actions, and coordinating their development.
  • Acting as a dynamizing agent who catalyze innovation and cooperation process in companies and institutions of the cluster.
Formalised strategy
Strategy focus on internationalisation
Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce
  • Competence development

Cluster composition

  • 349
    Cluster Members
  • 330
  • 5
    Large Companies
  • 6
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 6
    Other Ecosystem Actors


The project was aimed to investigate and demonstrate that a low-power wireless device may permit inconspicuous location and tracking of persons on board ships and for search and rescue work and for the safe evacuation of vessels during the emergency. This project has been successfully developed, so has created the LYNCEUA2MARKET project to carry out the results of this. LYNCEUS2MARKET project is based on the promising results developed in the LYNCEUS project where innovative technologies were tested in lab and in small scale pilots. LYNCEUS2MARKET brings together European global players in the field of cruise ship owners, operators, ship builders, maritime equipment manufacturers, a classification society, industry associations and important technology organisations with the aim to implement the first market replication of these technologies and products and to create significant impact by saving passenger lives during maritime accidents.

Management team

Cluster Manager
ECCP Responsible Person
ECCP Responsible Person

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral Industries
Manufacturing:C13 Manufacture of textiles
Technology fields
D\: Textiles; paper:Natural or artificial threads or fibres; spinning - D\: Textiles; paper:Weaving - D\: Textiles; paper:Treatment of textiles or the like; laundering; flexible materials not otherwise provided for
S3 EU priority areas
KETs:Advanced manufacturing systems - KETs:Advanced materials
Cross-sectoral industries
Creative Industries


Support services provided

Access to finance: Public funding
Facilitation of external collaboration (beyond cluster) such as matchmaking

Further information

    Management of aids and subventions (companies) Integral service in charge of the achievement of aids and subventions for companies, covering all those stages:

    • Detection of projects
    • Development of technical and economic reports
    • Preparation of application forms
    • Presentation and management of the file to administration
    • Preparation of justifications.

    Tax deductions for R&D (companies) Management of the files to obtain binding guarantees to implement tax deductions linked with R&D and environment issues.

    • Company accounts study
    • Detection of projects that may apply deductions
    • Preparation of reports and application forms
    • Presentation and management of the file with the administration

    Management of International Projects Integral service of detection, management and presentation of international projects for companies covering:

    • Projects detection
    • Creation of consortia
    • Development of technical and economic reports
    • Preparation of application forms
    • Support in establishing consortium agreements
    • Presentation and management of the file to the European Union, IB (?)
    •  Internal management of the Project (preparation of consortium meetings…)
    • Preparation of justifications.

     Generation and development of own projects (ATEVAL) Generation of projects’ ideas for ATEVAL suitable with the different aids and subventions calls they can access to, as much individual as cooperation projects, and in national or international calls.

    Detection of opportunities for companies   Searching and approach of concrete and specific opprtunities for each company:

    • Proposals of cooperation projects
    • Business opportunities
    • Concrete projects ideas generation

     Fairs service (Companies) Organization and dynamization of companies to participate in advanced textile and home textile fairs.  Commercial missions (Companies) Prospection of markets, organization and dynamization of companies to participate in commercial missions of advanced textile and home textile.  R&D (Companiess) Counselling to companies and entrepreneurs linked with public aids and subventions obtention, and support for presenting european projets.    Newsletters (Cluster) Development of periodic newsletters providing valuable information linked with innovation in textile sector.  IdeaTex  (Companies) Organization of intersectoral interest groups in order to generate innovative products / processes allowing a wider diversification of textile companies.Training programs Management of training projects of diverse type, as much occupational as continuous or distance learning.  Collaboration agreements Fort the benefit of companies, ATEVAL aims at signing collaboration agreements with financial, suppliers entities and institutions of the sector, etc.  Environmental management Realization of environmental adaptation projects, plans on waste minimization, special agreements of environmental improvements with public administration and improvement and monitoring agreements for labour risk prevention.

    Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce

    Competence development

    Examples of training materials/events designed/organised by your organisation

    Support programmes

    EU Programmes

    European Programmes

    Name & description

    IVACE (

    • Innovation and R & D - Development of R & D projects realized by SMEs.

    1.  - Innovation in SMEs: Making innovative projects resulting in increased competitiveness of companies. Innovation projects in the development of new products, implementation of management systems or production control or connectivity solutions directed to advanced manufacturing 4.0, which have tangible results at the end of term of the project


    • .Actions of Business Promotion for SMEs:  To encourage promotion activities in international markets through the presence in major international fairs in different sectors, accompanied by specific marketing actions, supporting the permanent presence abroad, promoting cooperation between enterprises to achieve synergy in their actions in international markets, to promote the process of participation in international tenders.


    - Tax Deductions: The instruments available for account the administration for the promotion of business innovation, are found tax incentives and bonuses. Tax incentives are based on deductions in corporate tax by performing research and development projects and / or technological innovation. Bonuses in the company quota of social security of the research personnel.

    - Torres Quevedo: The goal of the Torres Quevedo aid is to encourage the hiring of doctors by companies, technology centers at state level, support centers for technological innovation at state level, business associations and science and technology parks for the development of specific projects industrial research, of experimental development and technical prior feasibility studies and to encourage their training.

    CDTI (

    • R & D Projects Business projects of applied nature aimed at creating and improving significantly a process, product or service, which can comprise industrial research activities and experimental development.

    • Direct Line of Innovation Support to projects involving incorporation and adaptation of new technologies.

    Project name

    • E-COMmerce Proficient Applications in Security and Sales for SMEs – E-COMPASS / 7FP- Capabilities / Research for SME associations THEME [SME-2012-2]
    • Development of sustainable textiles against bugs -  BETITEX / Research for SME Associations
    • People Localization for save ship evacuation during emergency - LYNCEUS / 7FP- Capabilities / Research for SME associations THEME [SME-2011-2]
    • Unobtrusive wearable human to machine wireless interface –WEAR A BAN / FP7 Capacities/ Research for SME Associations
    • Entrepreneurial Network of Growth Initiatives for (4) New Entrepreneurs -  ENGI4NE / ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTERPRENEURS
    • Revalorization of coastal algae  wastes in textile nonwoven industry with applications in building noise isolation --- SEAMATTER /  LIFE / LIFE011 ENV
    • Functional textiles and leathers by innovative MLSE process. TEXTILEATHER / LIFE13 ENV/ES/001138
    • Demonstrative Solutions To Reduce Noise Pollution In Industrial Areas, Using Finishing Technologies In Textile Materials - NOISEFREETEX / LIFE09 ENV/ES/000461
    • Red Transnational Cooperation in the Textile Sector. SUDOTEX / Promotion of innovation and the creation of stable networks technology cooperation
    • The world’s largest Advanced Textile Materials cluster  --- TEXTILE2020  /  CIP/Regions of knowledge
    •  An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships- LYNCEUS2MARKET / H2020-MG-4.2-2014
    • Empowering CLUSters management and services in TExtile and Machinery sectors-CLUSTEM / COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-04-02-1
    • Plan to support the textile sector of Valencia – FEAG TEXTIL II / European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)

      Plan to support the textile sector of Valencia - INSERTATEX / European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)

    LIFE-FLAREX (Mitigation of environmental impact caused by Flame Retardant textile finishing chemicals)LIFE+ ProgrammeJuly'17 - June'20.

    EU-TEXTILE2030. Main objective of EU-TEXTILE2030 is to consolidate a European Advanced Textile Materials World-Class Cluster in order to implement a joint international strategy that contributes to securing, strengthening and extending the competitiveness of European SMEs in the sector at international level. COSME Programme. December'17 - November'19.

    CLAMTEX (Cluster management towards excellence in Advanced Manufacturing and Textile Industry). It aims to strengthen cluster management excellence to boost the specialized technical textile innovation eco-system by promoting the cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration to facilitate the uptake of digitalization within and beyond the partnership. COSME Programme. 2020-2022

    Cooperation activities

    International cooperation

    Targeted countries

    Viet Nam
    United States

    Transnational cooperation

    Targeted countries

    Czech Republic

    Transnational support activites

    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

    International support activites

    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

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    Latest news and documents

    News Published: 06.04.2020
    Ateval will participate in a platform for business collaboration to face of the health crisis, created by the Department of Economy of Valencian Government.
    News Published: 06.04.2020
    The Valencian textile industry collaborates with the government to manufacture masks and protective equipment