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DEADLINE: 20 March 2021

Organised in the framework of the 5E project and funded under the European Community’s Horizon 2020 programme, the 5E contest aims to support and provide new opportunities for the European electronics industry and, in particular, the 3 European electronics ecosystems:

  • Unconventional Nanoelectronics (NE);
  • Flexible, Organic and Printed Electronics (FOPE);
  • Electronic Smart Systems (ESS).

The 5E contest will award electronics products – in NE, FOPE and ESS domains – developed in the context of a funded project or in-house by any interested party. The contest aims to celebrate excellence in electronics and highlight the importance of outstanding electronics products in Europe, offering them: 

  • Public recognition of their value, innovative contribution, and impact at European level;
  • Support, visibility, promotion, and dissemination through all project channels.

The project set up the Digital Showcase, an online platform dedicated to electronics innovators, to increase visibility of European electronics products and as an introductory tool to the contest.

Who can apply?

The 5E contest is free of charge and all-inclusive. No fees for participation are required, and applications are open to all electronics innovators based in Europe (start-ups, SMEs, academia, EU-funded project consortia, user communities and the wider public).

To join the 5E contest, fill in the online application by 20 March.

Only electronically submitted applications can be considered. The data entered must be in English.

Apply here.

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