Adjusting plastic cooling temperature in packaging firm creates savings

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Energy Carbon
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
Investment cost:
Low cost
Low cost
Associated cost savings: Energy
Co2 emission reduction:
3.7 tonnes per year
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Simple measure packs an energy-saving punch

  • Simple temperature reset cuts energy consumption by 72 200 kWh per year
  • No investment costs
  • Generates € 6 200 savings per year

Founded in 1991, DS Smith Ducaplast is now part of the leading packaging group (DS Smith) and specialises in the production of a three-piece foldable container (FLC). The factory is located in Wormhout, Northern France, and employs 49 people.

Producing the plastic that goes into the containers is an energy-intensive job, so with the help of specialists, DS Smith Ducaplast looked into areas where savings could be made. In packaging production, it is necessary to heat the material to a certain temperature, and sometimes to cool it down rapidly to ensure product quality. At DS Smith, the process of cooling material accounted for 28 % of the site’s electricity consumption.

Temperature settings in the cooling process were conservatively low, so DS SMITH experimented with incremental increases in the plastic set point, gradually raising the temperature by 2°C, while ensuring the production quality. The performance of the cold unit has improved, with energy savings up to around 4 %.

Key results

This simple and cost-effective measure reduced energy consumption by 72 200 kWh per year and delivered net savings of € 6 200 for the plant. At the same time, the energy savings are equivalent to 3.7 tonnes less CO2 emissions per year.

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