SmartCTClusters invites you to participate in its 5th Networking and Learning Event for Clusters, SMEs and scale-up organizations. Hosted by the Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt (Network Energy and Environment), the exchange programme aims to bring together companies and stakeholders working on or interested in the Smart City topic particularly in areas related to its Mobility, ICT, Energy and Sustainability pillars. The programme will start in the morning of the 8th of June and will finalize in the afternoon of the 10th of June.

The exchange will consist of a set of meetings, round tables, and visits to different topic related agents of Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt’s ecosystem to favour networking, experiences, and knowledge sharing.

The exchange will be organized coinciding with the Forum “Smart Cities, Smart Regions” hosted by the State Ministry for Regional Development. It is taking place from the 8th until the 10th of JUNE in Leipzig where European cities meet to debate on smart city projects and challenges. The full draft calendar of the programme is included in the following pages.

You can access the full programme and preliminary agenda HERE:…

If you are interested REGISTER HERE and we will get in touch with you for further information.

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