26th TCI Global Conference Open call for proposals

DEADLINE: 12 May 2023

We are looking for inspiring cases of cluster organisations, business networks, supporting organisations and policy initiatives, and latest practice-oriented research that evidence the role of clusters in shaping new landscapes through new collaborative initiatives and solutions, around these 4 challenging areas:
• Feel the energy
• Blue economy
• Regenerative development
• The tech world

We welcome contributions from all clusters and industries, and from all over the world, as we plan to showcase the best proposals in different formats and sessions in this year conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, 7-9 November.

We will prioritise contributions including creative and appealing visual content in these formats:
• Short video of around 2 min (in English or with captions in English).
• Short lively presentation with images, graphs, charts, memes and gifs.
• Infographics

A typical session will be a parallel session of approximately 1 hour, will include 3-4 panelists and 1 facilitator and will be designed to foster interactions between the panel and with participants while sharing learnings, best practices and ideas, and solving problems related to the development of clusters and innovation ecosystems in the 4 above mentioned areas. Each panelist will be asked to contribute for about 15 minutes following the format of the session that will be worked in advance with the facilitator and other panellists.
More information: https://tci-network.org/tci-2023/

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