Zero-emission vessels (ZEV) are the future of maritime transport

Submitted by MAREK GRZYBOWSKI on 19 February 2021


Alcohol, biomethane and ammonia are fuels that make it possible to achieve zero emissions of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of ships. These are the research results contained in the latest report by A.P. Moller—Maersk and Lloyd’s Register. These are the results of studies from more than two years ago, when marine fuel was much more expensive than today. 80% of respondents believe that the maritime transport market needs the zero-emission vessels (ZEV). ZEVInnovation. In what direction to continue research on ships with ‘zero-emission’ power plants? Will we produce zero-emission ships and on what scale? Who will buy and operate them? Which solutions will be optimal, and which will be uneconomical? The ZEVInnovation project partners are expected to answer these questions. Strong technical research centers participate in the project from Croatia: Centar za transfer tehnologije d.o.o. (Center of technology transfer llc) and Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o. (Innovation and Development llc). On the Norwegian side, the project involves strong expert partners: Vinco Innovation AS and ÅKP AS.

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