The ‘Women in Power’ project presents a report on executive management goal achievement for women working in traditional sectors

Submitted by Juan José Ortega on 24 October 2018

The goal for the first intellectual output of the project is to help to develop a comprehensive study that explores the two perspectives on the path that European women must travel to achieve executive and managerial positions.

On the one hand, women who have already broken the glass ceiling will analyze what skills and competences have helped them move up within their professions. On the other hand, women who have been working in their respective traditional industries for years but have not reached boardroom positions, will provide the desired knowledge they believe could help improve their professional sectors from within.

Once these skills, competences and critical knowledge were identified to paint a realistic picture of the women working in traditional sectors, the project consortium has elaborated a final report compiling the conclusions obtained, which will be determinant to draft the training path necessary in order to achieve the objectives of the project.

Therefore, the main objective of this report is to provide a complete analysis on how the underrepresentation of women in boards and executive roles within the traditional sectors of European economy can be solved by promoting women leadership and participation in the decision-making process with the appropriate educational tools.

This report will help in raising awareness among local, regional and authorities of the importance of gender-balance policies, which will ease the recognition of the training curriculum.

It will also increase the numbers of workers from relevant industries discussing the issue of women and leadership in relevant industries in terms of improving leadership skills.

In addition, the analysis reports obtained in this output will most likely be useful for other possible projects or studies concerning the professional situation of women across Europe, and how to address the needs derived from the demand of empowerment by women.

The report can be downloaded here.

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