The 'Women in Power' project presents its free online training

Submitted by Jordi Albacar on 24 November 2021


CENFIM participated in the “Women in Power” project together with 6 other European entities: 2 business associations, 3 training providers and 1 association of women entrepreneurs. The project, which was funded by the European Commission and has recently been finalized, aimed to promote the empowerment and professional leadership of women working in traditional manufacturing sectors, such as those in the home and contract furniture industries, among others.

Women in Power” facilitates the participation and access to training through a free online training course available in several languages, giving women the opportunity to acquire skills and competences that will improve their management skills, thus promoting equality gender and the advancement of women in European society. In the course, among other ones, the following topics are addressed: gender policies in the workplace; emotional intelligence; effective communication; management-leadership and professional opportunities.

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