WIINTECH pilot projet - 2012/2013

Submitted by Patrick Vuillermoz on 23 February 2016

WIINTech clusters set out for world-wide business partnerships

WIINTech is a strong, global cooperation of eight world-class clusters from the chemical, materials and clean technologies sectors. The initiative works on setting up world-wide trade opportunities and business partnerships.
The cluster cooperation is creating and transferring technological innovation in the developing technology-based sectors of process manufacturing, surface engineering and coating materials like polymers, composites, nanomaterials, biopolymers and recycled plastics.

Plastipolis from France, Austria's Clusterland, Proplast and Veneto nanotech from Italy, Spain's Plastival, Bayern Chemie Cluster from Germany, the British cluster NEPIC and the Portuguese Poolnet are the leading clusters that have teamed up in WIINTech. In joint effort, they concentrate on geographical areas that hold great growth potential: North America, South America and Asia. Complementary targets are North Africa and Russia.

The more than 2500 small and medium-sized WIINTech companies use the network to get support from a strong partnership, practical actions and hands-on assistance for setting up their own global commercial relationships.

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