Various companies in the world of packaging come together to create the first Industry 4.0 Working Group

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 04 October 2021

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  • Companies such as Mitshubishi Electric, Comexi, Kuka, Tai Smart Factory, Synaptik or Integral were interested in being part of the Working Group in the line of Industry 4.0 together with the Packaging Cluster.
  • The potential members were presented on September 23 at the cluster facilities, at the Can Roqueta Industrial Companies Center, in SabadellThe potential members were presented on September 23 at the cluster facilities, at the Can Roqueta Industrial Companies Center, in Sabadell.  

On September 23, different companies associated with the Packaging Cluster met, in the first face-to-face activity after the summer and months of virtual exercise, the first meeting of the Industry 4.0 Working Group of the cluster, with a space for the presentation of the participants , Who's who, and the explanation of its characteristics, by Mireia Andreu, Innovation Manager of the Packaging Cluster, who will lead the proposal.

The objective of this working group is to represent this niche of knowledge and action in the whole of the Catalan business ecosystem, so that business opportunities for this field can be defined and the concerns of companies and organizations can be identified, aligning the group with the technological future.

As a result of the meeting of last September 23, it has begun to define the development of the group within the framework of the cluster, and how common projects and activities can be promoted. To know the demands and needs of the participants, a group dynamic was carried out in which with different post-its, they wrote possible combinations of technologies (such as artificial vision, robotics or blockchain) with subcategories (such as logistics, primary packaging or machinery).

Then, with the ideas that emerged from the first dynamic, project initiatives, training and activities were proposed.

The two workshops made it possible to collect part of the conclusions of the attendees, as well as concerns that they have not found solved individually, so that in the future they can take shape in collaboration with the cluster and key actors in the 4.0 field.

The next steps to follow are the incorporation of new associates to the working group and the establishment of future meetings in which to debate matters of common interest.

If, as a partner company, you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest developments in Industry 4.0 and digitization, and you want to develop projects and activities in these areas, contact us at [email protected] and join the working group.

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