URBAN TECH Programme Open Call is launched! propose your solutions for Greentech, Health Tech and Smart City challenges

Submitted by Andrea Bonelli on 22 June 2022


Are you ready to enter URBAN TECH Programme

How the acceleration programme works?

URBAN TECH supports the acceleration of competitive success of European SMEs through market launch of new or significantly improved products and services with higher value (with higher quality, increased access, eco-innovative, resource efficient and internationally scalable). In long term perspective, the project aims to innovate and increase the competitiveness of European Health Tech, Smart City and Greentech industries globally. 

More than 300 challenges in three main focus fields: Greentech, Health Tech, Smart City were collected in nine partnering countries and beyond. The challenges grouped in 35 challenge areas are available in the URBAN TECH Virtual Library. Start-ups and SMEs are invited to submit their solutions to the available challenges. The best solutions will be invited to hackathons to further elaborate their solution with the help of the Challenge Owner and then after pitching it to submit a full proposal in which they present a detailed action plan. As a result of the selection process, the most promising projects will be selected to develop minimum viable product, which is followed by piloting the solutions and entry to international market to those who qualifies to the next stages.  

Available funding: 

  • €120 000 is assigned to TRAVEL VOUCHER (TV)  

  • €880 000 is assigned to MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT VOUCHER (MVPV)  

  • €800 000 is assigned to PILOTING VOUCHER (PV)  

  • €200 000 is assigned to MARKET DISCOVERY VOUCHER (MDV)  

Maximum amount of financial support per beneficiary:  the best performing SMEs, startups will get funded up to €54.350 in total 

  • €325-850 as TRAVEL VOUCHER (TV)  


  • €20.000- €30.000 as PILOTING VOUCHER (PV)  

  • up to €14 000 as MARKET DISCOVERY VOUCHER (MDV)   

Number of beneficiaries: 320 start, but only 20 finish 

  • 320 applicants invited to Hackathons, including 160 beneficiaries for TRAVEL VOUCHER (TV)  

  • 80 beneficiaries continue with MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT VOUCHER (MVPV)  

  • 30 beneficiaries continue with PILOTING VOUCHER (PV)  

  • 20 beneficiaries continue with MARKET DISCOVERY VOUCHER (MDV) 

SMEs, startups do not qualify to the next phase will finish the programme. 

Propose your solution to URBAN TECH challenges!

By applying to URBAN TECH Open Call, you may enter URBAN TECH Programme which will provide up to 54.350 EUR per SME or start-up in different funding stages. SMEs or start-ups entering URBAN TECH programme will develop a new or significantly improved service or product that addresses one of the URBAN TECH challenges.

  Deadline: the Open Call will be open from 22 June 2022 until 14 September 2022.

  Announcement of winners: by 31 October 2022.

Who can apply?

  1. SMEs and start-ups with legal entity based in European Union countries or H2020 associated countries or the UK. Eligible countries are listed in the Annex 1 of the H2020 Work Programme 2018-2020.
  2. Start-up and scale-up SME companies should meet the following criteria:
    • 1-250 employees (minimum requirement is to have at least one full-time employee)
    • <50M EUR turnover annually
  3. Independent commercial company, which is developing or commercializing an innovative product, service or business model with high market potential
  4. The company is not in a liquidation or bankruptcy process
  5. SMEs based in or having an affiliation in Russia or Belarus are NOT eligible to apply.

How to apply?

  Visit URBAN TECH Virtual Library of Challenges

  Select one or more Challenge, there are 310 of them!

  Provide a solution to the selected Challenge and Apply!

How many applicants will be selected to attend Hackathons?

320 applicants will be selected and invited to attend Hackathons.

The 160 best ranked applications out of the 320 selected ones will receive Travel Voucher.

Download the Guide for Applicants!


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