Uniting creative industries and furniture producers for BETTER FACTORY

Submitted by Ciprian Morcan on 23 April 2020

Clusters are created mainly to keep the communication flowing in a certain field and to ensure the voice of that particular domain is heard loud and clear. Most of the SMEs that are members in Transylvanian Furniture Cluster are taking pride in their close relationships with their customers, providing customized solutions and tailor-made pieces of furniture for their clients homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and so on. The desire to innovate, to design prototypes and test them so that the buyers will benefit from quality products, created to fit their needs or life style has been the seed for the project „Better Factory”. These desires, challenges and needs are not at all uncommon, and that is proven by the fact that the project gathered a consortium of 28 partners from 18 countries! Financed through Horizon 2020, in the call H2020-DT-2018-2020 Digitising and transforming European industry and services: digital innovation hubs and platforms, the project will start this autumn. Having so many diverse partners, the project can create an effective workframe for european collaboration in which furniture producers to be encouraged to innovate. This innovation will be boosted by including artists from creative industries, that can provide their fresh perspectives and out of the box ideas. To ensure the innovation goes beyond paper and becomes a reality, the project includes in its budget the production of prototypes.   The project partners are: 1) Cluster Mobilier Transilvan - Romania 2) VTT Centru de cercetare tehnologică – Finland 3) INESC TEC - Portugal 4) Școala Universitară SUPSI – Switzerland 5) Asociația de cercetare AIMEN – Spain 6) UNIVERSITATEA TEHNOLOGICĂ A CIPRULUI–Cipru 7) Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft- Germany 8) CENTRUL NAȚIONAL DE ROBOTICĂ –Slovacia 9) INOVA+ - Portugal 10) GLUON– Belgium 11) Societatea Waag – Holland 12) EUROPEAN DYNAMICS – Greece 13) FUNDINGBOX ACCELERATOR – Poland 14) TIME.LEX – Belgium 15) Fundația Mobile World Capital Barcelona – Spain 16) Hermia Business Development Ltd – Finland 17) HOLONIX SRL – Spain 18) Top Data Science Oy – Finland 19) Infotech, s.r.o. – Slovacia 20) GESTALT Robotics GmbH – Germany 21) In4Art BV – Holland 22) Universitatea din Oulu – Finland 23) Centrul de dezvoltare Rezultate TECOS – Slovenia 24) ICT Cluster - Bulgaria 25) Federația întreprinderilor alimentare – Latvia 26) BYDGOSZCZ INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER – Poland 27) CLUTEX - CLUSTER DE TEXTILE TEHNICE – Czech Republic 28) Camera de comerț și industrie Pécs-Baranya – Hungary

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