TransDi Forum

Submitted by Itziar Vidorreta on 14 February 2018

More than 20 companies from GAIA will attend this forum based on digital transformation in order to exhibit their solutions in the field 

The TransDi forum emerges as a marketplace for the experience sharing and the fostering of business collaborations

The 21st of February, GAIA Cluster organizes the first edition of  TransDi Forum, “Digital transformation, a reality" with the objective of showing best practices and connecting business opportunities among Basque SMEs which are developing business solutions which add intelligence system to industry, territory and society. 

The cibersecurity will also be relevant in the forum as an important topic in the transformation of organizations and infraestructures, and the professional competences, showing success stories with the participation of the Basque Cibersecurity Center. 

Some authorities from the Basque Country will participate in the opening session like, the Lehendakari (Prime minister) Iñigo Urkullu, the Counselor of Economic Development and Infraestructures, Arantxa Tapia, General Deputy for Alava, Ramiro González and the Mayor from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gorka Urtaran.

A market full of opportunities

The forum is open to any form of companies specially Basque SMEs working in the transformation of their processes, products and services. They will have the opportunity to know in detail the experiences in digital transformation which have created new results, and which are potencial business opportunities and collaboration. 

Up to 24 companies will present their solutions in an innovative way: 5 minutes consecutive presentations, followed by a time frame to identify potential collaborators interested in sharing and developing new ideas. There will be 12 application cases presented in industrial environments, 8 in the development of a smart territory and 4 in the case of services for the New Economy with the commitment of society. The Basque Center of Cibersecurity will present the opportunities that the industry offers in their field and some examples of applications in our environment. 

Precisely, the cooperation inter and intrabusiness is the main objective of this Forum, that will have a continuity approach. In terms of hte president of the cluster Jose Echezarra representing the ICTA sector (knowledge and applied technologies sector), “the cooperation among companies is a competitive need in a territory like Basque Country, even more in a context of a deep transformation like the one we are inmerse. Technologies offer us the chance to explore this way with determination, and believe that the business opportunities for our SMEs will come with a mutual knowledge and the utilization of the huge cross-capacities existing in the Basque Country". 

Attendants will have the chance to talk with some of the companies of the ICTA sector which will count on a stand in the exhibiton area like: BINARY SOUL, S. COOP, DERTEN SISTEMAS, S.A., HISPAVISTA, S.L., IK4 RESEARCH ALLIANCE, NEXTEL, S.A., SERIKAT CONSULTORÍA E INFORMÁTICA, S.A., TECH FOR SOCIETY, S.L - ITCONS

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